Description of the procedure

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Mixture of Beer bath BBB and oaten bed is an original copyrighted procedure.

  1. Finnish sauna, relaxation
  2. Beer bath in a tub
  3. Rest on an oaten bed
  4. Cooling down of an organism and a relax

Main content of „beer bath“ is water and its temperature is 35 + 2°C. Water is then enriched of ingredients from witch a beer is brewed, such as yeast, hop, malt grist and so on..

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Quantity and quality of the ingredients are a trade secret as well as an order of adding the ingredients to the bath.

Our beer bath formula is registered and copyrighted. If the effect of „beer bath“ in case of hip-bath wasn´t entirely optimal, a special whirpool is used in order to keep the right temperature and prevent to cool the bath down. The tubs are made of a special wood which helps to keep the right temperature of a bath. The bath time is 20 minutes.

Next step after „beer bath“ is a 30-45 minutes rest and relaxation on the oaten bed. Your body have a sweat and relax there.

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